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Legacy Power Consultants is a technology-driven energy firm that facilitates the procurement of electricity and natural gas supply alongside innovative, cost-cutting energy solutions across North America.

Legacy Power Consultants highly-skilled team, headquartered in Dallas, TX, educates customers about the workings of the energy marketplace and the options available in order to ensure the best energy solution for your individual business needs.

Legacy Power Consultants mission is to deliver first-class procurement solutions and simplified energy services to organizations of every size and industry. Working in partnership with some of our key stakeholders, we also offer proprietary technology alongside deep market insights to help customers monitor and manage their utility usage and costs to make your business more energy efficient.

Energy Procurement

Between energy market fluctuations and the changing needs of your organization, procuring energy at the lowest cost – and the most favorable terms – is challenging.

At Legacy Power Consultants we cut through the complexity of energy procurement to bring you the best energy rates available from a broad range of the nation’s most trusted suppliers. With Legacy Power Consultants as your energy procurement partner, you will gain access to a vast network of energy supplier pricing books, highly competitive power and gas pricing, and the strategic insight to reduce your long-term energy risks.

Energy Procurement and how it works.

Legacy Power Consultants will create an accurate profile for each meter within your organization’s portfolio, detailing each meter’s current costs and annual expenditure.

We will collect and collate all relevant data from your current suppliers and review for any errors or inconsistencies.

We will then issue tenders to energy suppliers (Power and Gas), stipulating any specific requirements.

We will review all supplier offers and create a shortlist for your organization’s consideration based on pre-determined criteria.

Energy Procurement and how it works.

We will then create an individualized proposal highlighting the most cost-effective options to match your organizational requirements.

We will then manage the contract acceptance process from beginning to completion on your behalf.

Our service also includes Legacy Power Consultants managing the transfer to your new supply agreements to ensure all deadlines are met.

Partner Channel

Becoming a Partner offers you a great opportunity to create an additional revenue stream for your business

Partners come from all different sectors and of all sizes. We can work with you, whether you are a single person consultancy or a large business association. You and your company can offer our products to all suitable clients.

Our Partners often worry that they won’t have the time or technical expertise to make full use of our services. We offer a range of relationship levels designed to match your time constraints and help you get the best value from our products.

Strategic Partners

Legacy Power Consultants work alongside a range of strategic partners to ensure that we can offer the most comprehensive energy management plans available to our customers, alongside procuring them the best energy rates available in the market.

This includes real time energy management software, Solar offerings and merchant service products, please see a list of our current partners below:



Real Time Energy Management Plans

With a focus on making easily-deployable and intuitive energy management platforms for commercial facilities. The Entronix team consists of hardware, software, and application engineers from the automation industry who design, manufacture, and install the systems throughout the US and abroad.

Currently utilized in high-rise office towers, hospitals, universities, and military bases. All products are designed and manufactured in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty.


Asset Management and Building Controls

The Linq team consists of hardware, software, and application engineers (here in the US) from the facilities industry who design, manufacture, and install the systems throughout the US and abroad.

Linq's programmers have coded a simple to use platform which was driven and developed with the help of engineering staff in facilities. Working with experts in the field, and with customers who wanted to efficiently and accurately capture asset data, we have streamlined almost every aspect of that process


Please go to the renewable energy tab for further details

Renewable Energy

Legacy Power Consultants have a range of products and services available to ensure our customers can procure green /renewable energy products, we also provide official accreditation and renewable energy certificates that you can display throughout your business

What are renewable energy sources?

They are the basis of clean, pollution-free energy. Using renewable energy sources to power our lives is a win-win for the planet and all living things on it. Renewables are part of the planet’s physical makeup, and so they can’t be depleted. We’re talking about wind, sun, water, biological matter and the heat far below the Earth’s surface. Each offers sustainable energy possibilities with vastly reduced carbon dioxide emissions compared to “traditional” sources like fossil fuels—petroleum, coal and natural gas—and crude oil-based petroleum products.

Renewable energy is often called “alternative energy” because most of the energy currently consumed in the United States comes from “traditional” sources. Today, approximately 11% of the total U.S. energy consumption comes from renewable energy sources. Knowing what we know about the current levels of pollution on Earth, isn’t it about time to take full advantage of the sustainable solutions around us?

Renewable Energy - Solar

As more and more business look to become more environmentally Legacy Power Consultants work in partnership with Alpine Roofing Construction to offer our customers an award winning “Best in Dallas” Solar solution

Alpine Roofing Construction is a 20+ year-established, "Best in Dallas" winner (projects include: Gexa Energy Pavilion, Texoma Medical Center, LSU Business Complex, Medical City Dallas, Renaissance Hotel Legacy, Times Square-Craig Ranch, etc.)

Alpine Roofing Construction brings nearly 30 years of commercial construction experience to your solar project. Our solar systems save commercial property owners thousands every time, as well as increasing your NPV and property value. We provide you the most financially beneficial options available—offering both zero-down PPA plans (Power Purchase Agreement) and Acquisition (ownership of the solar system; ROI typically begins between year 4 & year 7).

Either way, through careful adherence to the highest project management standards, Alpine Roofing Construction delivers industry-best solar installations. Our Rooftop Solar will honor your new or existing roofing system and corresponding warranty. Our Ground-Mount and Canopy Solar Systems are beautiful and add even greater, high-visibility marketing value to your business identity. We are proud of our work and our customers’ positive reviews. Check out our expansive portfolio to see our many happy commercial and industrial clients throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. You won’t find another commercial contractor with our record.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Legacy Power Consultants offers an energy consultancy service that most energy brokers can not provide. Legacy Power Consultants will complete a more detailed analysis of your business practices and your energy usage patterns in order to provide a unique energy solution, tailored especially for your business, typically resulting in greater saving opportunities than those offered by a normal ‘Energy Broker

  • You never pay us for our services. We receive this directly from our energy supplier partners for any contract that we place with them on your behalf. Our commitment to you is that you will never pay any additional fees for working with us. Unlike other energy brokers, there will never be any additional hidden costs and you will never sign any contracts directly with Legacy Power. Additionally, any specific projects or consultancy work that is completed through any of our energy services partners may be charged on a fixed fee, time, or expense basis. These will be individualized charges agreed upon before any work is completed

  • Even for the most successful business, the energy market can be a very complex, time-consuming, and confusing market to understand and negotiate. Trying to make sense of all of the processes and options for your energy procurement or renewal can cause a great deal of frustration. Without expert advice and guidance, lack of expertise could prove very costly for any organization. Working in partnership with an expert energy consultant is recommended for all organizations that are unsure of the process or need further guidance on the inner workings of the energy market.

    Timing and knowledge are the 2 key areas for ensuring that you successfully negotiate your way to an energy contract that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Legacy Power employs only experts and specialists in the energy market and works alongside global blue-chip partners to ensure that we can tailor your perfect energy solution, no matter the size and needs of your business

  • Increasing prices, along with difficult economic conditions, all contribute to energy costs becoming an ongoing issue. To help reduce these costs we focus on 2 areas:

    1. Energy Bill Review We start by completing a full review of your current contract and energy invoices and will determine if your contract has been working to its full potential and suitable for your particular business type. We will also review your 12 monthly usage and current contract to ensure we execute your renewal at the most beneficial time for your business.

    2. Energy Procurement We recommend a structured tender process involving all suppliers interested in the type and scale of supply for your business. Ideally, you should work toward a tailored contract, designed to match your business’ energy consumption patterns. Ensuring your premises are on the correct contracts can deliver cost savings. As established professionals within the industry, we have extensive experience helping businesses meticulously analyze their energy needs and helping match them with the right solution to fit their organization. Our vision is to lead the market by raising the bar in quality standards, providing a level of service that is unmatched within the industry.

Legacy Power Consultants

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